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The most powerful brand in Chinese meat business
2007 LTMP marketing share No.1
Yurun Sunshine ham was designated to be the breakfast food for the 4th world Pork Meeting
The group member of CQPA
2007 top 100 private listing companies
2006 LTMP marketing share No.1
Yurun is the top 10 brand satisfied by Chinese customers
2006 Yurun was chose to be the one of the top 10 industry brands which are satisfied by customers
Donation of 700,000 Chinese Yuan to “Education development Fund of Nanjing Education University
2005 Yurun was the NO.1 marketing share taker in west-style meat product market
2005 Bacon sales No.1
Wangrun Ham sausage is top 3 marketing share taker
2005 WangRun ham sausage was one of the top three marking share taker
The best 100 members of China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA)
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