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(21 October 2009, Hong Kong) China Yurun Food Group Limited ("Yurun Food" or "the Company", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group" (SEHK: 1068), a leading vertically-integrated meat-product processor and supplier in China, would like to respond to recent reports of hog disease in regions such as Northern and North Eastern China, etc. The Group's raw material selection, procurement and each production process are stringently monitored to ensure the safety of its products. The Group's overall business operations remain normal and is unaffected by these incidents.
As seasonal changes take place, hogs are more susceptible to diseases during this period each year. This seasonal disease is mostly regional, which is unlikely to lead to a major impact on the hog supply and hog price of the overall market in China, with an annual hog supply of over 600 million heads. The Group further strengthens our stringent quality controls during this period of seasonal change each year, in order to ensure the process of selecting raw materials and procurement are strictly monitored, and to make sure no disease-infected raw materials are allowed into our plants to safeguard consumers. The Group obtained Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification in 2002, which is an internationally recognized standard for certifying food safety management and consumer protection.
Mr. Zhu Yicai, Chairman of Yurun Food, said, "We have adopted international quality control standards to ensure the raw material selection and all production processes are closely monitored.  With our stringent quality control measures and long experience in the industry, we have been successful in dealing with the challenges associated with seasonal hog disease. As of today, the hog sourcing, hog procurement price and sales of the Group have been stable, without being affected by the hog diseases. Our expectations on hog and pork price in the future remain unchanged. Moreover, the Chinese authorities have established and enforced appropriate measures to control the spread of the disease. Being the leading meat processing manufacturer in China, Yurun Food will pay close attention to the incident to ensure the safety of our products".
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