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(23 April 2009, Hong Kong) China Yurun Food Group Limited ("Yurun Food" or "the Company", and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group" (SEHK: 1068), a leading vertically-integrated meat-product processor and supplier in China, would like to issue a statement regarding news reports concerning the discovery of Clenbuterol within one batch of the Group's canned meat products. With the assistance of related authorities, Fuyang Yurun Meat Processing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, discovered traces of Clenbuterol in a batch of its canned meat products. Utilising internal product tracking facilities, the Group immediately recalled 115 boxes (each box contains 24 small cans) of canned meat products. These products were destroyed in the presence of local authorities, ensuring that none of the tainted products were sold, and hence guaranteeing food safety for consumers.
As Yurun Food maintains stringent quality control measures, it was able to immediately trace and recall the affected products, and completely destroy the batch of tainted raw materials. This ensured the safety of consumers without causing any disruptions. Furthermore, as the Group acted to recall all of the affected products in a timely and responsible manner, there were no interruptions to its business operations. As those affected products are high temperature meat products only amounted to less than HK$50,000, they are negligible to the Group and performance of the Group will not be affected. Subsequent to this incident, sales of the Group's processed meat products, chilled and frozen pork maintained steady growth, and business operations remained normal.
The Group has always strived to maintain international food safety standards, providing consumers with quality products. Looking ahead, Yurun Food will further enhance its quality control procedures, implement stringent quality control on raw materials, and continue to ensure a high level of hygiene and product safety in each manufacturing process; from production, transportation to distribution. Yurun Food will continue to uphold its business philosophy of "You Trust Because We Care"to produce high quality products for the public.

About China Yurun Food Group Limited (Stock Code: 1068)
Leveraging on its vertically-integrated business model and strategically located production plants, Yurun Food is the leading meat-processor and meat products supplier in China. With its well-established food brands, state-of-the-art production facilities and diversified distribution channels, Yurun Food has achieved a solid track record with robust growth for five consecutive years. By further enhancing its brand names and product quality, Yurun Food will further strengthen its leading market position. Yurun Food was included in MSCI Global Standard Index (MSCI China Index) on 29 August, 2008, which is an important recognition of Yurun Food as a leading company in the meat processing industry by the investment community.

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