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(Hong Kong, 25 September 2008) In response to the recent market rumor on food safety, China Yurun Food
Group Limited ("Yurun Food" or "the Company"), and its subsidiaries collectively referred to as the
"Group" (SEHK:1068), a leading vertically-integrated meat-processing company and supplier in China,
confirmed today that the Groupí»s products do not contain any dairy materials; thus Yurun Food products are
not affected by the recent dairy product taint.
The Group strives to produce the highest quality products by emphasizing quality control and food safety. In
2001, it obtained the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for its production
process. HACCP is an international standard of managing food safety and protecting consumers. In
addition, prior to slaughtering, all live hogs are subject to inspection by the Group's quality control team
including measuring of the hog's temperature and an 8-hour observation period. While processing its hogs,
the Group's quality control team further inspects and tests every hog. Inspection measures include testing for
viruses, parasites, chemicals and micro-organisms.
With its international standard food safety program ensuring the highest quality products, sales of Yurun
Food's products continue to expand steadily as the Group strengthens its competitive position in the market.
Going forward, the Group remains committed to producing high quality and safe food products, reinforcing
its well-established brand name. Moreover, the inconsistent quality of food production in China creates
opportunities for further industry consolidation. Leveraging its brand and strong capital position, the Group
continues to seek potential M&A opportunities in order to further expand its market share and strengthen its
leadership position.

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