FAQ – Yurun Websit

1)What are the Company’s products?

The Company has four main types of products, including chilled meat, frozen meat, low temperature meat products (LTMP) and high temperature meat products (HTMP).

2)How many factories are there in the Company’s upstream and downstream business?

By the end of 2012, there were 65 factories in our upstream slaughtering business. The production capacity of slaughtering business was 56.65 million heads per annum. There were 14 factories in our downstream business, and the capacity was 307 thousand tons per annum.

3)What are the Company’s brands?

We have four main brands, including “Yurun”, “Wangrun”, “Furun” and “Popular Meat Packing”. “Yurun” is the brand for chilled meat, frozen meat and LTMP. In order to optimize our brand value and synergy, businesses of “Furun” have been consolidating into “Yurun”. “Wangrun” is the brand of HTMP and “Popular Meat Packing is a regional brand in the northeastern China.

4)What is the shareholding structure of Yurun Food?

Yurun Food (1068.HK) was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 3rd October 2005. As at 31 December 2012, the number of issued ordinary shares of the Company was 1,822,755,650. Willie Holdings Limited (owned by Mr. Zhu Yicai and his spouse) was interested in 470,699,900 shares of the Company as at 31 December 2012.

5)Could you describe the Company’s distribution channels?

The Company’s products are mainly distributed through supermarkets, third-party distributors as well as high-end hotels and restaurant chains.